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Sometimes the Meseta pso2 game fails to uninstall, however because you reformatted your hard drive you might have perplexed the windows shop into thinking you a Mutables folder once you truly don't. The best way to uninstall the sport in my experience is to delete your Mutable and Mutable backup folder and remake to empty folders with the same name.

Hmmm, does anybody else notice this character looks a lot like the Beast race? Yet there's absolutely no monster race in PSO2 (as far as I understand ). I am sure many of you have seen the most recent announcement, and that is where the picture is from.

That is a player character using the Beast race makeup option that's offered in PSO2.

Ahhh very intriguing, my heart so badly wants to believe it is a hint at possibly getting the Beast race however I know that it is very much not the case. Thank you for dropping some understanding my way though

There was actually a"Beast" entrance in the game files among the other race names at some point... not certain if it's still there... but it was likely just a remnant of PSU (since PSO2's engine is built on top of PSU's) rather than an indicator we were actually going to get Beasts...

Given that New Genesis is a soft-reboot, what are the odds they enlarge the races again and include in Beastmen? Accessory unlocks could stay for all those role-playing as"hybrids".

There was a monster face variant sold in a distinctive bundle a while back.

It was NA and it was one of those sg sale bundles and those aren't tradeable.

Blank Text Box When Opening PSO2

I've just updated the match and that I tried opening it to perform with. After bypassing the cut scene at the beginning, and reaching the main screen, I was satisfied with a blank text box, presumably a login prompt.However, since there is nothing on it, I can't login. Anything I can do to correct this issue so that I can play the PSO2 Meseta for sale game? I downloaded the match through the windows store on PC.